Internships / Student Job

We are looking for curious, questioning students that are passionate about finding new and better ways to solve problems on exciting client projects.

At Prometheus we are fully committed to introduce you to the latest trends within digital consulting and will let you work alongside an expert in a field you are inspired to pursue more deeply.

Write your thesis with Prometheus

At Prometheus we view the master thesis work as an excellent way for us to get to know you, as well as for you to get to know our business.

We have several exciting topics for research that are suitable for either a Bachelor or a Master thesis project.

Example topics we are currently intrested in exploring are:

  • HR Digitization
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


We are looking for individuals who have the ability to collect and analyze information and data before drawing conclusions or making recommendations

Our Graduate program will give you the chance to work on exciting client projects.  We will introduce you to the latests trends as well as provide training and certification in the areas you pursue.

You will be given a mentor who will assist you increase your knowledge inventory and acts as a sounding board for your professional development.